The Unorthodox

Dir. Eliran Malka | 99 min
Narrative Israel 2018
Hebrew with English subtitles Mid-Atlantic Premiere

Wednesday, May 1512:40 AM AFI Silver Theatre

Wednesday, May 1510:15 PM E Street Cinema

When Yakov Cohen’s (Shuli Rand, Ushpizin) daughter is expelled from school for “ethnic reasons,” he decides to fight back. It’s 1983, and Cohen is a regular Jerusalemite with no money, connections, or political experience. What he has in spades, however, is the passionate will to take action on behalf of Sephardic Jews who’ve too long been treated as second class citizens.

The Unorthodox bring to life the stunning rise of Israel’s Shas political party, though the story of Cohen’s improbable campaign—one full of love for his fellow man and equally animated by a great sense of humor and a whole lot of rage.

This runaway hit was the Opening Night film at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, the Miami Jewish Film Festival, and the Seattle Jewish Film Festival.

Co-presented by Sephardic Heritage International DC (SHIN DC)


Festivals and Awards

  • Opening Film
    2018, Jerusalem International Film Festival
  • Opening Film
    2018, Miami Jewish Film Festival
  • Opening Film
    2019, Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival
  • Opening Film
    2019, Seattle Jewish Film Festival


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