WJFF Classics

The Festival’s repertory film series, bringing cinema classics back to the big screen.

The Einstein of Sex

Dir. Rosa von Praunheim
(100 min, Germany , 1999)

Throughout the decade leading up to the Third Reich, German-Jewish sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld and his peers fight to challenge and abolish anti-homosexuality laws in the Weimar Republic.

Different From The Others

(50 min, Weimar Republic (Germany) , 1919)

In 1910s Berlin, blackmail and scandal plague a young musician when his relationship with another man is discovered. When he pushes back against his extortion, the consequences prove tragic.

Brussels Transit

Dir. Samy Szlingerbaum
(80 min, Belgium , 1980)

In 1980, visionary director Samy Szlingerbaum mined the childhood memories of his parents’ immigration to the “promised land” of Belgium to produce the first feature-length Yiddish film in 30 years.