Douze Points

Dir. Daniel Syrkin | 90 min
Narrative France, Israel 2019
EnglishHebrewFrench with English subtitles

“Douze points” refers to the highest mark attainable in the Eurovision song competition, the backdrop to this silly, colorful satire complete with endearingly kitsch musical numbers. As French singer TJ, a gay Muslim, prepares to represent his country in Israel, he encounters a homophobic terrorist, sensational tabloids, and obsessive Mossad agents who threaten to derail his path to fulfillment.

Meanwhile, the Mossad, Israel’s famed intelligence agency, gets a goofy sendup here as they disguise themselves as trained stylists, hairdressers, and choreographers, all to guarantee the safety of the global showcase.

-Note Adapted from the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Film rental includes a recorded conversation with producer Adar Shafran which will automatically play after the film.

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