Thou Shalt Not Hate

Dir. Mauro Mancini | 96 min
Narrative Italy 2020
Italian with English subtitles

Simone Segre is a successful surgeon who leads a carefree existence, marred only by a difficult relationship with his recently deceased father, a Holocaust survivor.

One day he finds himself assisting a victim of a hit and run accident. When Simone discovers a Nazi tattoo on the older man’s chest, he cannot set aside his own prejudice, and he leaves the injured man to suffer his fate.

Tormented by guilt, Simone begins snooping around the victim’s family and employs the man’s oldest daughter as his housekeeper. He feels sorry for her and reasons that she could use the money, but he also seeks to act on his remorse and perhaps find a measure of peace with his ethical dilemma.

Rental includes a recorded conversation with director Mauro Mancini which will automatically play after the film.


Mauro Mancini (1978) debuted in 2005 with the short film Our Secret, which was awarded several prizes. In 2009, Mancini wrote and directed two segments of the collective film Feisbum! In 2017 he wrote and directed the mini-series 4NNA quella che (non) sei and Teddy.

His feature-length directorial debut, Thou Shalt Not Hate, world premiered at the Venice International Critics Film Week.

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