Till Life Do Us Part

96 min
Shorts Program Canada, Israel, USA

A whimsical, fun, and spirited collection of short films that examine our pivotal turning points— whether they center on dating and marriage, career, or coming of age. Taking on these climactic moments with charm and cheek, this series employs music, dancing, and humor, alongside a sneaky side of seriousness, like a pill inside a scrumptious chocolate layer cake.

Till Life Do Us Part is presented as a stand-alone short series, as well as part of JxJ’s first-ever virtual version of our longstanding hit program, Two Jews Walk Into a Bar.

Featured films: 99, Backbeat, He’s That Guy, Marriage Material, Sweater, Touch, and Wife Me.



Film rentals are $11 per household ($9.50 for the film and $1.50 additional platform fee). All programs are accessible through Eventive, JxJ’s virtual cinema platform. For unlimited access to all JxJ Festival events, purchase a JxJ All Access Pass ($90 with no additional fees).


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