Amy Geller and Gerald Peary discuss The Rabbi Goes West

Join The Rabbi Goes West co-director and producer Amy Geller, and co-director and writer Gerald Peary in conversation on Monday, December 7 at 7:00 PM.

Gerry Peary is the writer-director of two acclaimed feature documentaries, For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism (2009) and Archie’s Betty (2015) both of which played at film festivals, museums, universities, and were televised on WGBH-Boston. He was a veteran film critic for The Boston Phoenix and acted in the 2013 feature film, Computer Chess, which premiered at Sundance. Currently, he writes reviews for the website, The Arts Fuse and is the programmer of the Boston University Cinematheque.

Amy Geller‘s award-winning productions—PBS’s The War That Made America (2005), For the Love of Movies (2009), and The Guys Next Door (2016, WJFF)—have been broadcast and screened at prestigious film festivals around the world. She served as the Artistic Director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival and teaches production courses at Boston University.


About the Film:

The Rabbi Goes West
Dirs. Amy Geller and Gerald Peary | 78 min
Documentary | USA | 2019

Yes, there are Jews in Montana! There’s an evangelical strand of Hasidic Judaism – Chabad-Lubavitch – spreading across the world. The Rabbi Goes West focuses on one Chabad rabbi, 34-year-old Chaim Bruk, who moved from Brooklyn to unlikely Bozeman, Montana, to bring his brand of Judaism to the American West. Part of his Chabad mission is to place a mezuzah, an encased prayer offering, on the doorpost of every Montana Jew. That’s less than 2,000 families spread across a state fourteen times larger than Israel.


Monday, December 77:00 PM


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