Back to Maracanã

Dir. Jorge Gurvich | 90 min
Narrative Brazil, Germany, Israel 2018
EnglishHebrewPortuguese with English subtitles

Encore screening from the 2019 JxJ, with Director Jorge Gurvich in person.

Middle-aged divorcee Roberto and his septuagenarian father—Brazilian expats living in Israel—are soccer fanatics, boiling over with excitement for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.

That is, until Roberto’s ex-wife informs him that she’s off on a business trip (to Rio, no less!), saddling him with sole care of their spoiled teenage son. She’ll be gone for entire duration of the tournament, and to his eyes it’s a disaster on par with the divorce itself, especially considering the boy’s righteous disdain for all sports.

Then, a crazy idea forms…if Samuel’s mother is headed to Rio, why can’t they?


Tuesday, January 217:00 PM


  • One does not have to love soccer to enjoy this film....would be as impressive if they were on their way to an opera in New York City or a garden show in Beijing. It’s all about family and a chance to become close.Becky Tan, Kino Critics

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