Back to the Fatherland

Dirs. Kat RohrerGil Levanon | 77 min
Documentary Austria, Germany, Israel 2017
EnglishHebrewGerman with English subtitles

Gil and Kat have been friends since college. Gil is from Israel, Kat from Austria; Gil is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Kat the granddaughter of a Nazi officer. They have been friends for over a decade.

Through them we meet other young men and women whose grandparents were murdered or persecuted during the war. What’s interesting is that many have decided to move back to the Fatherland, a choice that their families disagree with.

Why would they do this? This revealing documentary (originally screened at WJFF 2018) explores the challenges and opportunities for reconciliation and understanding between the generations on both sides of the Shoah.

Directors and subjects Kat Rohrer and Gil Levanon in conversation following both screenings. November 10 screening moderated by Matthew Gever of 3GDC.


Sunday, November 106:30 PM

Monday, November 117:00 PM


In 2002 Kat Rohrer founded her New York based production company GreenKat Productions.

Since then Rohrer has directed and produced more the ten short films, music videos, documentaries, and a wide variety of industrials and commercials.

Her short film The Search won Best Short at the 2005 LA Femme Film Festival.

Kat has also acted as DP on the feature length documentary Larry Flint: the Right to be Left Alone for Midtown Films, which screened world wide and has been aired on IFC. Her last documentary Fatal Promises, which deals with Human Trafficking, has been shown across the US and Europe in film festivals, anti-trafficking and fundraising events as well and college campuses.

Gil has been writing, producing and directing award winning commercials, industrial and short films for over 15 years.

She served in the IDF film unit where she produced the films for Israel’s Jubilee national TV celebration. She then became the youngest first Assistant Director in the TV and commercial industry in Israel. She then became the youngest first Assistant Director in the TV and commercial industry in Israel. After graduating with honors from The School Of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in directing, she associate produced in The Rolling Stone show for MTV and later associate produced promos for USA Network, NBC.

Matthew Gever currently serves on the board of Generations After and on the planning committee of 3GDC – Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors as their newsletter editor. His parents Eli and Rocha Gever (nee Levinson) are both survivors from Latvia. In December 2018, Matt participated in a study trip to Poland that examined Polish-Jewish relations and the (sort of) resurgence of Jewish life in Poland. When not working on Shoah related events, he is active at Sixth and I synagogue and with DC Jews on Bikes. He sometimes does non-Jewish stuff too, but no one cares about that. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA in 1998 and a Masters of Public Affairs from the University of Texas in 2001. He currently works as an analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice.


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