A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff

Dir. Alicia J. Rose | 75 min
Narrative, Virtual Screening USA 2020

“The film…may be about the financial crisis of 2008, but its images and themes couldn’t feel more current. -Chloe Sarbib, Alma

A mystical meta-musical about the greatest financial fraud in history. A hybrid of memoir docudrama and narrative fantasy, A Kaddish For Bernie Madoff tells the story of Madoff and the system that allowed him to function for decades through the eyes of musician/poet Alicia Jo Rabins, who watches the financial crash from her 9th floor studio in an abandoned office building on Wall Street.

Fueled by her growing obsession, real-life interviews transform into music videos, ancient spiritual texts become fevered fantasies of synchronized swimming, and a vivid, vulnerable work of art is born from the unique perspective of an artist watching the global financial collapse up close.

The film project grew out of a theater show which had its first touring performance at the Washington Jewish Music Festival in 2013.


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