The Stolen Princess: Ruslan and Ludmila

Dir. Oleh Malamuzh | 85 min
Narrative Ukraine 2018
Ukrainian with English Subtitles

This blockbuster crowd-pleaser from Ukraine takes place in the age of valiant knights, beautiful princesses, and battling sorcerers.

Ruslan, a wandering artist dreaming of becoming a knight, meets the beautiful Mila and falls in love with her almost instantly, without even suspecting that she is the King’s daughter.

However, their happiness is threatened by Chоrnomor, the evil sorcerer, who absconds with Mila right before Ruslan’s eyes – he’s got cruel designs to harness the power of their love for his own dark magic purposes. Ruslan sets out on a chase after the stolen princess to overcome all obstacles and to prove that real love is stronger than magic.


Sunday, October 612:00 PM

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This event finished on October 7, 2019.