Judy Meschel is a producer for local PBS station WETA. She produces WETA Arts, a half-hour magazine-style show featuring local art and artists, and Around Town, interstitial guides to local theater, museums and films. Her personal connection to Seder (the rituals observed at Passover) and masochism? She co-writes her own Haggadah (the book that lists the rituals and readings), every year since 1997, with production starting in late October. Some years this involves stapling bindings hours before the start of Seder. She co-hosts first night Seder: never fewer than 21 attendees, one year there were 29. In a single-family townhouse. This year, between starting late and the tornado warning, dinner happened at 9:30 PM. How is this masochism different than all other masochisms? It is Seder. Her interests include musical theater, high-percentage bean-to-bar chocolate by local artisans, and, apparently, Passover.