Taught by George Robinson
Mondays, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
6 Sessions, October 19-November 23
Registration deadline: October 12
$169 ($149 for JxJ Donors of certain levels*)

Sometimes the good ones slip away when you’re not looking. With the seemingly endless proliferation of new movies (something has to fill the screens at all those multiplexes), new titles come and go so quickly that you just can’t keep up.

Every year there are Jewish-themed films of genuine merit that disappear without finding an audience. Fortunately, we are watching on your behalf and this new class will offer you a chance to catch up with a half-dozen of these treasures. They range from a British drama about the most famous “court Jew” in German history to a Yiddish-language tale of the supernatural, from the only Hollywood drama released during the Second World War to openly talk about the mass murder of Europe’s Jews to a pair of quirky comedies about family life in Argentina and Mexico. We are looking out for your best interests (well, cinematically anyway). Films explored include:

  • Power (1934)
  • The Dybbuk (1937)
  • None Shall Escape (1944)
  • Nora’s Will (2008)

Note: Additional streaming film rentals required

Teacher: George Robinson recently finished 26 years as the film critic at The Jewish Week (NYC). An adjunct assistant professor of media arts and technology at Borough of Manhattan Community College, he has been writing about film for almost 50 years. He is also the author of Essential Judaism: A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs and Rituals (Simon and Schuster/Atria) and Essential Torah: A Complete Guide to the Five Books of Moses (Schocken).