How to Fest

The 2021 JxJ Festival is presented on Eventive, JxJ’s ticketing platform. To attend the Festival, you will be required to create an Eventive account and purchase access to events on the platform. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that!

For additional Eventive technical support after reading this guide, please contact our Ticket Office at 202.777.3250 or at

What is Eventive?

Eventive is JxJ’s partner ticketing platform which provides streaming and ticketing services for Festivals. All JxJ Festival virtual events are sold and streamed on Eventive. Tickets to physical events will also be sold on Eventive.

How do I rent access to a virtual film or performance?

JxJ virtual programs can be accessed from anywhere in the US (but not internationally). All virtual programs will become available between May 23-30 only, but pre-sales are open and encouraged (there is limited availability to tickets in the Festival). To get tickets to a program, click on the “Watch on Eventive” button at the bottom of the program’s webpage available at JxJDC.ORG/Events.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to rent and watch via Eventive below. Click on images to enlarge.

Step 1: Once you have selected an event on JxJDC.ORG and clicked through the Rent button on the event page, you will be directed to the event’s Eventive page (see image).

Click on the “Rent Now” or “Pre-Order Now” button in the center of the image. This button may say “Unlock Now” or “Pay-What-You-Choose Event” depending on the event. If you are already logged in to your Eventive account, skip to step 4.

Note: If you have already rented this event or you own a pass and are already logged into your account, the button may note this with the title “Unlock Now”, and you can enjoy the content immediately.

Step 2: Once you have clicked on the “Rent Now” button, a popup will appear requesting an email for account creation. Enter your email here and click continue.

If you already have an Eventive Account, this will lead directly to a Log In screen where you will need to enter or reset your password.

Step 3: If you are creating an account, the next screen will ask your name and request that you create a new password. Once this is done, click “Create Account”.

Step 4: You are now ready to purchase access to the event. This window allows you to enter a discount code by clicking on the “Have a discount code?”  button, or purchase access by entering your credit card information and clicking “Add Payment Method”.

Once you have completed this step, your “Rent Now” button will become an “Unlock Now” button. Click “Unlock Now” to stream your content. If you would like information on how to stream on a different device, please refer to that section on this FAQ page.

How do I buy and use a pass on Eventive?

JxJ offers two Passes which grant access to JxJ 2021 Festival programs based on the selected pass. To buy a Pass, click here to be guided through the purchase process on Eventive. To buy a pass, you will need to create an account on the Eventive platform, if you don’t already have one. You can find more information on how to create an Eventive account below.

Once you purchase a Pass, it will be added to your Eventive account automatically. As long as you’re logged into your Eventive account, all passholders receive free access to all virtual events. All-Access Passholders can also reserve tickets to physical events at no charge. JxJ Passes are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Each pass grants access to one free ticket per included event, additional rentals of the same event will be regularly priced.


How do I stream my purchased virtual event on my TV or other device?

There are many ways to get your Eventive rental on your favorite screen. The best way is to download the Eventive TV app on your device.

The Eventive TV app is available on AppleTV (4th generation or later), Roku, or Firestick. Simply search for “Eventive TV” on your device and download the app. Once downloaded, open the app and follow the prompts to connect your account to that device. You should now have access to all your rented titles on the device you are using.

If you log in to the Eventive TV app before booking tickets, you may need to reload the app for the tickets to appear in their account. Tickets can’t be booked through the app and will need to be booked on your computer or phone with a web browser.

Some devices are not supported by the Eventive TV app. If you can’t find the app using your search function, there are some work-arounds you could try:

  • Casting and Mirroring: Your device may allow you to cast the screen directly to your TV. To do this, you will need a device compatible with your TV. Here is a breakdown of a few popular casting options.
    • Chromecast: If you own a Chromecast device and have plugged it into your TV, rent and play our films on a Chrome browser on any laptop or other device. An icon in the top right corner of your screen will allow you to cast the Google Chrome tab directly to your screen.
    • AirPlay: Apple’s casting solution. Share your Apple device’s screen to your Apple TV by searching for the AirPlay or Screen Mirroring option.
    • Android, Google, and Other Devices: Search for screen mirroring or casting to find your device’s native screen sharing solution. Your TV must be compatible with the device.
  • HDMI Cable: If your laptop has an HDMI port and you own an HDMI cable, you can wire your computer directly to your TV. Most equipment that plugs into your TV for video needs an HDMI cable – borrow one from your BluRay player or gaming console – and look through your computer or device’s screen mirroring options (you should receive a prompt as soon as your connect the two devices). Make sure your TV is preset to the same HDMI channel that you use to plug in your device. Eventive has detailed instructions and troubleshooting assistance here:

My virtual event rental includes access to Q&A or live conversation. How do I access it?

A link to the Zoom room hosting the conversation will be emailed to you 1 hour in advance of the event. This is done for security purposes. If you join the room early, the room admin will keep you in the waiting room until the event start time.

I missed a virtual live conversation. Can I still watch?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated, conversations will be recorded and added to the event page. The conversation will play directly after the film. You may skip through the film to skip directly to the conversation. Recorded conversations are also made available on the JxJ Facebook page at

I purchased a ticket to live drive-in event. What should I know?

Once you’ve purchase a ticket to a drive-in event, a ticket to the event will be sent to your email as a PDF attachment. Please have your ticket ready to show at entry to the venue either on your phone screen or a printed out copy.

At check-in, you will be assigned a parking spot based on the size of your car. Please be sure to follow the directions of JxJ staff and volunteers and park you car in the assigned spot.

Drive-in lots will open at the time listed on each event page. The lot will close 30 minutes after the listed time. If you have not arrived within those 30 minutes, you cannot be allowed into the space, as this will disrupt the viewing experience of other patrons. Your ticket will not be refunded if you do not arrive to the venue on time.

Bathrooms will be available at all drive-in events.

If you are attending the drive-in event at Adas Israel Congregation on May 27, you may attend as a walk-up pod (without a car) of up to 5 people. Please bring your own chairs and you will be assigned a spot for your pod. Please be considerate of other attendees by keeping within the confines of your assigned spot.

Drive-in events other than the May 27th event at Adas Israel Congregation do not allow walk-up attendees. Drive-in attendees must remain in the car at all times, except to use the restrooms and purchase on-site snacks and refreshments. Sitting outside the car, on your hood, or tailgating will not be allowed.

I purchased a ticket to a live, outdoor concert (not drive-in). What should I know?

Once you’ve purchased a ticket to an outdoor concert, a ticketwill be sent to your email as a PDF attachment. Please have your ticket ready to show at entry to the venue either on your phone screen or a printed out copy.

Please keep distance between your pod and other patrons, and be sure to wear a mask when in proximity to other patrons and JxJ staff.

Feel free to bring your own chairs, picnic, blankets, and waters. Bathrooms will be available at all Bender JCC outdoor concerts.