‘Supergirl’ is Strong, Empowered—and Jewish

A documentary now showing at film festivals tells the story of a seriously strong little girl. JW magazine spoke with filmmaker Jessie Auritt and 15-year-old powerlifter Naomi Kutin, the subject of Supergirl. As an Orthodox Jew and a female athlete, Kutin is not only breaking records, but also shattering stereotypes. 

Naomi Kutin seems like your typical American preteen. Her bedroom is decorated in her favorite colors. There’s a photo from a family trip to Disney World and also a collection of trophies. But these aren’t the gold-colored plastic t-ball mementos so many kids have on their bookshelves. Kutin’s prizes are for powerlifting.

A documentary directed by Jessie Auritt is currently bringing this remarkable child’s story to film festival audiences across the country. Fittingly titled Supergirl, it follows Kutin and her family on the competition circuit and through her training regimen. It opens with the sound of loud grunting and a girl, Kutin, pacing and pumping herself up in her home gym. Viewers may spy the mezuzah on a doorframe.

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