An Evening With Bernard-Henri Lévy at Washington Jewish Film Festival

The Washington Jewish Film Festival presents a discussion with the renowned French philosopher, writer and filmmaker in between screenings of two recent documentaries. The 2016 film Peshmerga, which follows Lévy’s travels and interviews on the frontline separating Iraqi Kurdistan from Islamic State troops, attempts to understand the psychology and culture of those embroiled with ISIS in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Lévy and his camera crew were present at every crucial step in the battle to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State, as documented in this year’s The Battle of Mosul. The documentary ends with the lingering question: Will the imminent fall of the capital of ISIS spell its definitive defeat? Author and writer Leon Wieseltier, former literary editor of The New Republic, will lead the discussion, focused on the Kurdish will for national independence, the current status of ISIS after the liberation of Mosul, and the role of foreign nations in the conflict.

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