JxJ Film Society

The JxJ Film Society is a group connected by a passion for great cinema, the Jewish arts, and forging community through culture.

Members use their personal and professional resources and connections to promote and widen the reach of JxJ—both the major annual event, and its year-round components.

The Film Society will work independently—as well as with the JxJ Staff and Council—to enhance and broaden the JxJ’s presence in the DC area through in-person and online outreach, neighborhood and community engagement, and by leveraging existing media, PR and marketing relationships to further the goals of the Festival.

Specific Expectations

Successful JxJ Film Society members will be active, engaged and communicative throughout the year. Formal group meetings will not be arranged, so self-motivation is key. Informal mixers and meet-ups after JxJ programs may be organized throughout the year. Lastly, although contributions to the JxJ area always appreciated, participation in the Film Society does not require a financial commitment.

  • Act as an ambassador for JxJ programs by inviting and encouraging friends, family, colleagues, your network, and the broader DC community to attend JxJ screenings and events. Each member is asked to organize at least 10 or more – as a group or individually – to attend a JxJ program each year.
  • Use existing connections to secure additional PR, marketing and/or in-kind support for JxJ, i.e. information or editorial placement in magazines, blogs, listservs, etc.
  • Help distribute festival marketing materials digitally and in local establishments, community boards and throughout local neighborhoods in general

Beyond supporting the programming of JxJ and engaging with like-minded film lovers, benefits of the Film Society include:

  • Ticket passes and discounts
  • Name listed on JxJ website, on-screen prior to shows, and in-print on select Festival materials, including the JxJ brochure
  • Access to VIP Festival preview event
  • Invitations to sneak previews of major studio films (Note: These events are often limited in number, and operate on a first-come, first-serve basis)
  • Opportunity to participate in the pre-screening process for JxJ film selection
  • Early access to JxJ ticket purchasing
  • Exclusive discount opportunities for certain JxJ events
Current Members
  • Alison Baraf
  • Ariel Bashi
  • Max Bluestein
  • Miriam Bruns
  • Valerie Bluestein
  • Jessi Brooks
  • Allison Cossman Friedman
  • William Daroff
  • Eva Davis
  • Talia Garber
  • Kara Genderson
  • Sara Keller
  • Lena Lewis
  • Mitch Malasky
  • Aaron Malofsky
  • Teddi Levy Marshall
  • Rachel Meyerson
  • Mike Plotstock
  • Madison Rinder
  • Manny Schiffres
  • Abigail Sharon
  • Jess Sher
  • Tara Silver
  • Karen Simon
  • Karen Slachetka
  • Phyllis Solomon
  • Ashley Steinberg
  • Jonathan Strum
  • Miriam Weinblatt
  • Ilana Weltman
  • Shelley Wernick