Washington Post: Gary Lucas gives swing to the Max Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s

Veteran guitarist Gary Lucas has made some impressive albums over the years, but none more engaging than “Fleischerei: Music From Max Fleischer’s Cartoons.” Not even close.

With its delightfully animated arrangements and inspired casting — Broadway vocalist Sarah Stiles nearly steals the show in twin roles as Betty Boop and Olive Oyl — Lucas’s latest release salutes Fleischer’s genius with wit, verve and boundless affection. In the CD liner notes, the ever inquisitive jazz guitarist summarizes his “dream” tribute to Fleischer and his brothers: “the coolest, most trippy, and hippest animators of all time. Max was the visionary, high-minded frontman and technical genius. Dave, the down and dirty ’toon director and gag man. Lou was the strong silent type, the head of their music department (and the voice of J. Wellington Wimpy).”

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